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What Are Some Mexican Frozen Treats

What Are Some Mexican Frozen Treats

It can prompt very hot in Mexico. Mexicans have a variety of cool treats to enjoy. From ice cream sandwiches to popsicles, they have many to choose from. The treats consist of chocolate, cinnamon, and different fruits. Some men even entrust the treats up and down the streets similar to in America where you will detect ice cream trucks in the summer selling cold snacks.

Popsicles are popular in Mexico. Paletas which scrimpy " little shovels " in Spanish can be found in Mexican grocery stores. They come in regular shapes, but their flavors are what differs them from American popsicles. Some paletas include milk and tropical fruits, while others are full of more ice and more acrid flavors. Some flavors that are not very common in America are chili, and cucumber. The chili one is a bit spicy, so pepper lovers would enjoy this flavor. Paletas are easy to make at home and carry little fat. If you would prefer to buy them, paletas are sold at many street vendors in Hispanic neighborhoods. A California - based company named Palapa Azul makes paletas to sell to a much numerous market, not just for Hispanics. You might even be able to purchase paletas at Walmart!

Mexican fried ice cream is another mouth watering treat. It is somewhat Americanized. You can find fried ice cream at Mexican restaurants in the United States and also at festivals. The ice cream used is more frozen than majority of ice creams. The cheer of ice avail is rolled with different items such as cookie crumbs and then cooked in the profound fryer at a very low temperature. This allows the ice cream not to melt. Once it is fried, toppings can be added. Cinnamon is a common topping. Fried ice cream has become so common that it is besides served in Chinese and Japanese restaurants. They add different flavors to the ice cream. You might find it green tea flavored.

If in the tenor for just regular vanilla ice help, cajeta would emblematize a great topping. Cajeta is a Mexican confection of syrup most commonly made from caramelized milk that is sweetened. The syrup is made by the sweetened liquid being cooked slowly and breaking lone until it is very genial. Some people help different liquids instead of sweetened milk. You might find cajeta made cache juice or a contrastive sweetened liquid. Different parts of Mexico may know the milk candy by different names such as leche quemada and dulce de leche. It is topped on ice cream. Even the Hershey Company produces cajeta which is targeted for Mexican food lovers. Cajeta is a great addition to ice cream, especially on a hot day in Mexico.

These cool treats are easy to make from your own home. Do some research on the different flavors and try to make a few. If you have a child, have some fun and both make them together and of quest eat the finished treat. These are perfect on a warm day, but can still equate enjoyable anytime of the instance.


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