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What Are Some La Quinceanera Foods

What Are Some La Quinceanera Foods

La Quinceanera is a celebration that takes place on a Hispanic girl's fifteenth Birthday. This is a chock-full event for the young girl and her homely. Families are known to save money for the big party. The party involves the girl enervating a special gown usually in the colors of white or pale pink. Music, catered food, and even limousines are common for the event. La Quinceanera is also a spiritual celebration. La Quinceanera is celebrated in Mexico and other South American countries. This occasion signifies the girl's journey into womanhood.

Food is part of the big celebration. Usually the ball is catered so the food may vary from each catering service. This event has been compared to weddings, since it has similarities. This event usually has a postulation cake. The cake is either made by a family member or ordered at from a local bakery. It is usually the same color as the rest of the party decorations. There is also a doll placed at the top. It almost looks related to a wedding cake. A popular design for La Quinceanera cakes is one that has a staircase that goes from tier to tier. Fourteen dolls, seven on each partition, are placed as if they are climbing to the top, locus the main Quinceanera doll is. Some cakes even have a fountain that cascades amongst the tiers. Besides cake, other foods that are seen at La Quinceanera include mole, cabrito, arroz, picadillo, and pan de polvo.

Picadillo is a dish that is made lie low ground beef and can be served alone. It is also a filling that can be used in tamales, and tacos. Cabrito is a roasted goat kid that is about three months of age. It is a regional specialty of the area Monterrey, in Mexico. Cabrito pledge be served as the main meat for the dinner. Jetty is a chocolate sauce that can be farther to many different dishes. As for desserts, Arroz is a rich and creamy rice pudding that can often be found at the event. Pan de polvo is also a favorite dessert at the party. It is Mexican shortbread cookies. The cookies incorporate cinnamon and anise. Do favors are also given to the quests. These may include treats inside of the favors. Mints are popular as they are in wedding favors.

Champagne is served for the toast. Non - alcoholic beverages such as sparkling soda water are served for the under - aged attendees. Sometimes it is encouraged that the young girl tries the alcohol due to larger rite of passage. Other drinks that are served at the Quinceanera are wine, beer, and hard liquor. These are typical drinks that you would find at wedding receptions.

La Quinceanera has been a act for more than 400 second childhood, starting in Latin America. It is a celebration that even United States born Hispanics do, which reminds them on their heritage. It is a time to give forth, while getting a bit teary - eyed, and looking forward to the future. Food at the La Quinceanera is big. These foods are traditional and unique. They add flavor to the already happy event.


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