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What Are Tortillas

What Are Tortillas

Tortillas got its name from the Spaniards. The word " tortilla " comes from the Spanish word " torta " with the meaning being round cake. Tortillas are eaten everyday not just in Mexico but also in America. Americans put just about anything in the tortilla. Ever try peanut butter and jelly in a tortilla? Many eat it that way; also the tortillas are used with hot dogs, casseroles, and sandwiches.
Tortillas have been enjoyed for abounding centuries, but not with whole-hog the fillings that are used these days.

Aztecs made tortillas aggrandized than 10, 000 years before Christ. Aztecs ate a lot of corn, some right from the cob, and others they would save and use later. They would ground it into corn meal and later make into masa, which is corn cash. The masa is added with water. If the water is not the right temperature, the consistency will not be enough to make the tortilla. Once the masa is ready, palpable is placed in a ball size in the maker's hands. It takes awhile to go through the process of making the masa flat. It is patted into what looks like a reckon pancake. Once it is the right size, it is placed on a scalding griddle. Rightful does not take stretch to cook.

Today the tortilla is still made with the same ingredients. Majority of them are unreal in factories with machines since they are in high demand. They come in frequent flavors. Anyone can still produce them from sore if they prefer. You can find tortillas in a variety of Mexican foods. Tacos use them as the shell. Enchiladas consist of the tortilla being filled and then rolled, afterwards through cooked. Quesadillas use tortillas as turnovers which are filled and then fried.

If you think that tortillas are just for eating, think again. There is a type of art that is called " tortilla art ". It is fine art that uses tortillas as the canvas. First the tortillas are baked and then acrylic. After that they are painted. Tortilla art is made to represent the culture of Latino artists.

Tortillas are also what are used to make the tortilla chips. The tortilla is cut into wedges and fried. Corn tortillas are made from corn, vegetable oil, salt and moisten. The chips first became popular in the 1940s in Los Angeles, California where the chips were mass - produced, but it is still considered a Mexican food.

Americans way tortillas for a lot of their foods. It is most common found in burritos, which started long ago in northern Mexico. Tortillas are a traditional food of many individuals from northern states of Mexico and also Native tribes that are found in the Southwestern United States. Just about any restaurant will move tortillas. You responsibility crack many different foods that embrace them. They are easy to find in the grocery refreshment. You can use your taste buds and delusion to make your own foods which include the tortillas.

There are many different recipes available to search, so join in on a sweet convenient food that many Americans have already discovered.


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